Tree Removal vs. Tree Trimming

The two terms tree trimming and tree removal are actually interrelated terms used in horticulture and sylviculture. Trimming is a tree care service that involves selective ‘removal’ of diseased, damaged, non-productive, structurally unsound or undesirable tissues, branches, leaves, roots or buds. Trimming may be required either on young trees or on mature trees. A developing tree gets a strong structure and desirable form if properly pruned at the right time. Tree removal involves the total or major portion of a tree for Specific reasons. Certified arborists from Australia based Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery offer exceptional services in tree removal as well as tree trimming Melbourne at pocket-friendly prices.

Reasons for Trimming

A cornucopia of factors may require the trimming of your tree. Tree trimming is mostly done to:

  • improve or maintain the health of trees
  • remove deadwood or dried foliages
  • control and direct the shape and growth of tree for an aesthetic appearance
  • reduce risk from overgrown or dead branches
  • prepare specimens for transplantation in nursery
  • increase and harvest the yield as well as the quality of flowers and fruits
  • enhance penetration of light and air to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape
  • correct or prevent any undesirable growth of trees
  • improve the economic value of landscape
  • make space for power lines and buildings
  • remove low-hanging branches that create nuisance

Safety Measures

Leaves manufacture the sugar required by plants that is used as energy for growth and development. Therefore, removal of foliage may be a deterrent on the overall growth and health of the tree. Heavy pruning may stress the tree significantly. Each cut can potentially change the growth of the tree and improper pruning may cause damage that can last for a whole life of the tree. As the first precautionary measure, you must know where and how to make the cuts. Hence, the best solution is to take the help of professionals dealing in Tree Trimming Melbourne.

Facts about Trimming

According to the experts of Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery:

  • A tree respond most positively to pruning during its dormant season.
  • The size or girth of the branch is the determining factor for pruning or not pruning. If it is below 5 centimeter, it makes no hindrance when pruned. If it is more than 10 cm, it should not be pruned without any specific reason.
  • V-shaped and narrow-angled branches are weak and should be pruned and not the ones having strong U-shaped angles.
  • If at the point of attachment of the stem, the branch is between one half and three quarters the diameter of the stem, it should be pruned.
  • After completion of pruning, the ratio of living crown to tree height should be 2:3.
  • Branch collar should not be removed and large stub should not be left.

Sometimes, it does appear to be a challenge to determine whether to go for the trimming or the complete removal of the tree. A slight slip may cost you as well as your tree heavily. Besides biological factors, removal of tree also involves statutory factors. WLEP 2012 Tree and Bushland Preservation puts specific restrictions on pruning, removal and transplantation on your own land. Therefore, availing the services of Tree Trimming Melbourne is often the best idea.

Removal of Trees

Because of the statutory restriction you have to obtain permission from Council prior to taking up the decision of removing trees. Council may accord its approval for tree removal under the following circumstances if:

  • there is likelihood of the tree causing extensive damages adjoining properties
  • the tree is a cause of significant structural damage to adjoining dwelling areas or existing useful structures
  • the tree exhibits sure sign of instability that may cause its falling at any time and may cause hazardous situation in which case you need to obtain certificate from a certified arborist
  • the present health of the tree clearly indicates that it is sure to die and the declining health cannot be mitigated

For any of your issues related to tree removal or tree trimming Melbourne, you can avail the services of our certified arborist, Daryl, located at Box Hill South, Victoria. Daryl can be contacted on (03) 9897 4418. You can also visit us at We specialize in offering a wide range of services such as Tree and Hedge Pruning, Tree Trimming, Tree & Stump Removing, Transplanting & Replanting, Cable Bracing, Tree Selecting & Planting and controlling Possum and Mulch.

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