Tree Trimming in Melbourne – An Absolute Necessity

Tree trimming in Melbourne is an essential aspect of tree care and development, both from the beautification angle as well as being an important part of hazardous tree management. However, only a trained and skilled tree arborist in Melbourne can do full justice to it. An arborist is one who has a thorough knowledge of complete tree and plant care and is often called upon to conduct safety audit of trees in public places. Trees that have low hanging branches obstruct pedestrian pathways below and those that grow beyond a certain height touch utility wires above. In both cases, tree trimming in Melbourne by an arborist is the only answer. Dead, deceased and fungus ridden limbs of trees also have to be trimmed so that the rest of the tree is not affected.

A Tree Arborist in Melbourne must have great artistic vision since landscape beautification is one of his many roles. Trees planted too close together have dense canopies that obstruct free circulation of air and light. An arborist will take up crown thinning, a procedure that clears up the dense overgrowth above. Tree trimming in Melbourne is also carried out when all trees in a large estate have to be given the same shape for the sake of symmetry. However, no arborist will trim more than 30% of the living area as it will hamper the ability of the tree to sustain itself.

Daryl’s Tree Care offers a variety of tree care services and Daryl, the managing director is a reputed tree arborist in Melbourne. He has a team of trained and dedicated arborists working for him who are backed by the latest and most advanced machinery and equipment. Daryl has over 20 years of experience in this field and is a member of the prestigious International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Whether it is Tree Trimming in Melbourne, tree and stump removal, erecting possum guards or preparing tree reports and surveys, Daryl’s Tree Care is hard to beat for efficiency and expertise.

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