How Valuable Are Trees?

How Valuable Are Trees?

Trees are everywhere. Look outside your house; there is a very good chance there are plenty of them. Quick question: Aside from knowing that it is the epitome of the “clean and green” movement, have you ever wondered how vital trees are to our daily lives? Surely, it has been relayed to us numerous times in school. That being said, it is likely that we have already forgotten those facts. In this article, we will help you catch up on the subject.


This is without a doubt the most important role of trees. No oxygen, no life. Period.  Not only do they clean and filter the air around them, they also help provide a new one. According to experts’ studies, a mature tree can provide of about 18 people for a year.


For over a decade, we have been hearing about Global Warming, especially after Al Gore’s insightful documentary came out. Its main root is the almost insurmountable amount present in our world. What it is, basically, is the sum of fossil fuels being burned and the tearing down of forests. One negative effect leads to another, and to this day, it is believed that global temperature is rising fast. What our trees do is absorb Carbon Dioxide (an example of greenhouse gas). They filter out the carbon and release the clean air back to us.


Much like the previous item, this very helpful deed from trees is connected to reducing the ever-rising global temperature. It has been proven that perfectly planted trees around a house can do a couple of positive things. First, it can lower the need of air conditioning by approximately 50%, which would of course, trim down your bills. With a reduced energy demand, we also lessen the production of Carbon Dioxide, a big catalyst of greenhouse gas.


In this particular “skill” of trees, the power comes from its roots and foliage. They have bulky stems that can produce flexible tendrils. It helps in making the soil around the tree be in a steady state and hold it still. The tree’s branches and leaves, on the other hand, create some sort of shield that helps lessen the wind and rain’s strength within the vicinity. When dealing with eroding soils, it is best to plant trees around them in groups.


Along with giving us oxygen, this fact pretty much symbolizes how important a tree’s role is to us. An apple tree is believed to have the ability to give as much as 20 big loads of fruits in a year. It is also pretty easy to make as it can be planted even in a small area. And this is not limited for us humans; trees can also support the wildlife and they generate food for birds and other animals.


Trees help prevent water pollution by simply breaking the rainfall. What it does is it allows water to flow down the trunk, then to the earth right at the bottom of the tree. This alone helps in avoiding the storm water from bringing pollutants into the ocean. Here’s a fun fact about trees: they can work like sponges and clean water. In addition, some trees have the tools to do phytoremediation. The plants can gather the contaminant and keep the other plants from harm’s way. Those contaminants are then removed from the soil, which leads to the lessening of pollution.

We hope that this little piece has shed trees into a new light to all of you. Trees do a long list of helpful things for us and they certainly deserve all the appreciation and care from us. Here at Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, our vision is to improve every tree’s life as much as we can. Every member of our team is guaranteed to be very proficient in any kind of tree work, and together with our state-of-the-art machinery, we have worked our way into the industry’s upper echelon.

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