Warning!! Dodgy tree loppers target elderly in eastern suburbs.

Dodgy Tree Loppers in eastern suburbs targeting elderly people.

Door-knocking tree loppers are pressuring elderly people throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs into paying for substandard – and potentially dangerous – work.

Warnings from councils and Consumer Affairs Victoria about shonky tree loppers date back to 2011, but a Box Hill-based arborist told TWR the problem had become more frequent recently.

Daryl Jowett said he was often called to repair shoddy work by unqualified tree loppers.

“It’s been getting worse in the last 12 months,” he said.

Mr Jowett said the rogue operators were often “intimidating, big blokes with tattoos” and targeted elderly people, especially those living alone.

They often give quotes at about half the usual market price and will return to the houses of people who say they will “think about it”, Mr Jowett said.

Whitehorse Council urged residents to ask to see qualifications and insurance details from anyone offering tree-lopping services.

Whitehorse mayor Sharon Ellis said residents who accepted offers from unqualified and uninsured tree loppers could find themselves liable for any damage or injury resulting from the work.

Please spread this message to protect the elderly in the neighbourhood!


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