What is a Tree Worth?

It is well known that trees in urban areas provide a range of benefits to the surrounding suburbs, from filtering the air, reducing rainwater runoff and storing carbon.

However, some of the subtle benefits are not as well known.

For example, one of the main benefits of a tree is what real estate agents refer to as ‘kerb appeal’ and refers to the ability of a tree to increase the sale prices of a house on the market. Buyers are much more likely to purchase a house with a significant tree, and the value that a tree adds to the property increases each year as it grows.

While a tree in the backyard will not add as much property value as one in the front yard, home-owners can still see an increase in price every year the tree grows. With more houses are built as 2 storeys to take advantage of decreasing block sizes, a tree like the ‘Oakville Crimson Spire’ or ‘Capital’ is a great tree to take advantage of the building’s height through techniques such as  plashing or interweaving branches.

Trees  also add appeal by  providing natural shading for passive heating and cooling  A large tree, positioned correctly can significantly reduce energy costs in summer by shading buildings and diverting the sunlight. Research has demonstrated that tree shade can decrease the temperature up to 8 degrees and reduce air conditions by 15%. Over a year, this can result in over $200 in savings on a normal electricity bill.

Urban trees can also provide storm protection in winter, preventing hail or heavy rain from damaging buildings, as well as significantly reducing water run-off to lessen the chance of flash flooding.

In all cases to obtain the most benefit and value from your trees and landscaped garden, homeowners should hire professional arborists to maintain and preserve their tree’s integrity for a long lifespan and full use.

At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, we were founded with the highest safety standards and benchmarks to provide the best service to clients. We employ trained arborists who are specialised  individuals trained in caring,  trimming, pruning and maintaining trees and shrubs. Experts in their field, our arborists take their work seriously. We recognise that our services can add considerable value to your property through the appearance of well-maintained and attractive trees. As every tree is a significant investment we always carry out our tree services to the highest level of quality.

Contact us today, for any tree or arborist requirements in Melbourne.

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