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What is the Cost of Tree Removal?

Posted on: October 14,2017

Sometimes tree removal is necessary, and other times it’s the only option. Whether you just need to make space in crowded landscapes, or have to eliminate trees due to disease or weather hazards, you’ll need to contact a reliable tree removal company.
Tree and stump removal is often a complicated task that is loaded with risks. All too often, people have attempted these tasks themselves and ended up badly injured. To tackle the task ahead, you don’t need a chainsaw! You simply need to contact a local tree removal company in Melbourne.
But how much will it cost? Tree and stump removal costs depend largely on the type of job. There are many variations for the arborist to consider when developing a quote. The answers to the questions below will all impact on what you can expect to pay for these services.
How Tall is the Tree?

Shorter trees will undoubtedly cost less to remove than tall trees. Bigger trees have more limbs, go higher and often require more equipment to ensure safe removal without destruction. The bigger (and thicker) the tree, the more powerful tools that an arborist would need to use. You also have to factor in the increased need for safety equipment, plus insurances to cover workers’ liability.
Are There any Nearby Hazards?

The price of tree removal may be higher if there are hazards nearby. For example, are there any power lines? Is the tree close to houses? Unfortunately, there are some factors that you just can’t control, but if your tree is in a risky spot, you may have to pay a little extra due to the extra time and effort required.
Is it an Emergency?

Emergency tree removal usually comes at a higher price. This is because tree arborists will have to attend to the job more quickly, and there’s a higher risk involved.
The arborists at Daryl’s Tree Care  are professionals in hazardous tree removal and we can offer a quick, effective solution. With our specialised vehicles and equipment, you can be assured that your emergency tree care needs will be taken care of.
Does the Downed Wood need to be Removed?

You need a way to dispose of the wood once the tree is down. Generally, tree arborists can deal with the disposal for you, at a low and affordable fee. This takes a lot of the hassle away from you as a customer. Alternatively, the arborist may cut the wood to manageable sized pieces and leave in a pile on your property for you to use as firewood, or place the wood through the chipper and leave you with the mulch for use on your garden.
Accessibility for the Truck and Chipper to the Problem Tree ?

The accessibility of the truck and chipper to the problem tree greatly affects the price. For example, if an entire tree needs to be dismantled and lowered in to a small backyard, and then hauled up a hill, through a tiny gate to the wood chipper on the roadside, it is going to take much longer and therefore cost more than if the truck and chipper can be backed up close to the tree.
Contact us if you’re seeking an experienced tree removal specialist in Melbourne. We would be happy to offer you a free quote and can guarantee we’ll carry out the job safely and professionally.