Winter Is Officially Here So What Does It Mean For Your Trees?

The cold, wintery months of Melbourne are unique in their ability to bring wild, unpredictable weather to our streets. This comes in the form of gale force winds, torrential rain, storms and of course the chilling cold temperatures. During these months, it’s more important than ever to monitor the health and vitality of the trees around us. Weather factors such as wind and rain can make a tree much more susceptible to damage and can increase the possibility of it falling.

To avoid finding yourself in a tree emergency, vigilance is recommended to keep everybody safe. Erratic weather conditions can compromise the structure of trees. For example, excessive rain and heavy winds can damage the roots of a tree and make breakage a possibility. Additionally, lightning strikes during a storm can affect the limbs and structure of trees, endangering lives, houses and electricity poles that surround it.

Heavy rain has also been known to saturate the soil and lead to root rot and disease. It’s always recommended to look out for any trees with exposed roots or a compromised structure. Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery can complete a free assessment of any trees that you have any concerns about.

To preserve the health of your trees this winter, here are our top tips:

Don’t Overwater

Due to the excessive rain and moisture that we experience throughout winter, your trees and garden don’t require as much watering and general maintenance. The soil around a tree should ideally be moist but not soaking. Overwatering could cause root rot which in turn can put your tree at risk of falling.

Trim For Structure

Pruning and trimming is an integral maintenance measure that improves the look of your landscape and preserves the health of your trees. If any branches are damaged from weather conditions or storms then trimming can help to retain the structural integrity of the tree. Tree trimming by a professional arborist is recommended as this will improve the appearance, and promote the safety and health of the landscape. Arborists are experienced in hazard reduction and can address these risks by trimming and pruning.

Visual Inspection

Professional arborists are trained to identify possible risk factors present in your trees. During the winter months, you can enlist our professionals to conduct a visual assessment of your trees. This includes assessing your trees for discoloured leaves or foliage, peeling bark or soft spots around the foundation of the tree. We will then be able to determine if the tree has any safety concerns.

Each season brings with it unique landscape challenges. Winter is a special time in Melbourne: the city lights up and the grass gets greener. However, diligence is required to preserve the health and longevity of the trees around us.

For professional advice on how best to preserve your landscape through the cold Melbourne winter months, reach out to one of our experts on (03) 9878 4418 for more information.

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