Wondering what to plant? Consider your best bet: Aussie Native Trees!

Very often, this is a decision that is either rushed or not considered at all. At Daryl’s Tree Care, we’d recommend a little planning and forethought- because if you get the species right, you’ll be enjoying the benefits (and maybe reaping the fruits) of your labour for many years afterwards. Get the species wrong and you might spend the next two years trying to coax a painful decision into becoming the tree you want it to be, only to find yourself back at square one and ground zero.

There’s one resounding answer we tend to offer when the question of what to plant arises. While it always varies from site to site, one truth rings out above the others: Consider an Australian Native plant before any other! It’s fairly obvious as to why we’d suggest you opt for a plant that typically excels in the area you want to plant it, but if we look at the grand scheme of things, an Australian Native might have a lot more to offer than just the capacity to do its job better than most.

In addition to just generally doing well wherever you tend to put them, Australian native trees, plants and shrubs are particularly attractive to Australian native birds, bees, lizards and other fauna. What this means for you is a high level of protection against pests and a provision of food and shelter for the wildlife we should be focused on protecting. Native trees also require less pesticide treatment and by reducing the amount of chemicals you’re using to protect your garden, you begin to work in harmony with the garden rather than against it.

If you want a species that needs little to no help once established, some options you may want to explore include some old favourites that provide incredible aesthetics in any setting and all the extra goodness that Australian native plants tend to come with, like an abundance of fruits and flowers,

  • Flowering Eucalytpus
  • Spotted Emu Bush
  • Acacia
  • Silky Oak
  • Tree Waratah
  • Wollemi Pine
  • Bunya Pine

Australian Natives are typically hardy, thriving in extreme conditions with little to no care once established. Get it right the first time and you won’t need to think about it again! To talk to our expert team about which tree would do best in the post-tree removal space you’ve freed up, call Daryl’s Tree Care on (03) 9096 2617 today -our friendly experts are only too happy to help.

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