6 Tips for Planting Healthier Trees

Did you know that the City of Melbourne owns 70,000 trees? As well as having a combined value of around $650 million, the trees are also part of the reason that Melbourne has been crowned the most liveable city in the world.
It’s no wonder that home owners in the city are seeing the value in planting trees around their property. It’s a great way to give back to the environment, looks scenic and can increase the value of your home.
If you’re thinking of adding some leafy features to your garden, don’t forget the following 6 tips.

  1. Opt for a native tree.

Some trees thrive in certain areas, while other trees don’t. Though exotic trees might seem appealing, your new plant will have a better chance of flourishing well if it is naturally suited to the area. Common trees in Melbourne include eucalyptus, grevillea and banksia, so start your garden with one of these varieties.

  1. Make sure the hole is big enough.

This might sound obvious, but often those inexperienced in arboriculture don’t give the tree enough space to grow. Allow its roots to spread  by digging a hole that is roughly three times as wide as the tree’s root ball and the same height as the root ball.

  1. Always remove the burlap.

If your tree is wrapped in burlap and/or covered in twine, get rid of it before planting. Cut it and remove it so its roots are able to spread freely.

  1. Refill the hole with quality soil.

You can refill the hole with the soil you dug out from it, providing that the soil is of good quality. As an extra tip, pack the soil loosely into the hole as tightly-packed soil makes it more difficult for tree’s roots to roam.

  1. Stake the trunk.

Help your tree to stand up straight and strong by adding a stake to the trunk. You can lodge the stake into the ground and then tie it loosely to the trunk.

  1. Stay away from fertiliser.

Using fertiliser when your tree is still young can be harmful to the plant and is unnecessary. Instead, make sure the tree and surrounding soil are getting plenty of water. After a year or so, you can begin to fertilise the tree.
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