Can Cable Bracing Resolve Hazardous Trees?

When you love your garden and trees as much as the next outdoor fanatic, it can be devastating to think that your tree could need complete removal.

Sometimes you might not have expected a tree was sick or hazardous at all before realising that cable bracing may be needed to save it. However, even if it poses a risk to anyone in your garden, it’s sometimes possible to save a tree and avoid that last resort. If you want to save a tree from structural weakness, cable bracing implemented by a professional tree arborist may be a good option.

So, what is cable bracing – and why would it save a hazardous tree?

Put simply, cable bracing is a way of training your tree back to better health. It is a non-invasive system that allows the tree to grow with freedom. Cable bracing doesn’t interfere with the structure of the tree, rather, presents it with the opportunity to strengthen in a supported position and overcome stressors while still having swaying freedom.

If an arborist treats a tree in your garden with cable bracing, they should use a reputable high-quality system, installed without damage to surrounding trees and plants. The tree may be trimmed to give it the best chance of recovery. This may be as significant as total limb-lopping, or as minor as light pruning, depending on the severity of the condition your tree is in.

How long until my tree gets its brace removed?

You could be holding out for a removal date for a while- it will all depend on the rate at which your tree corrects itself. Your arborist will be able to determine how well the tree is recovering over subsequent visits when they return to assess its progress.

If you’re not sure whether your tree is hazardous and needs to go, or if it would benefit from structural support with cable bracing, reach out to the professional arborists in Melbourne at Daryl’s Tree Care today. As seasoned experts in choosing the best course of action when things are looking grim for your gentle backyard giants, we know what to do. Call us on (03)9897 4418 today.

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