How Do You Decide When to Remove a Tree?

Trees are grown and maintained properly as a value added to the landscape of your house. However, there are circumstances when tree removal becomes a necessity. In this regard, two things are to be known; the time and the manner in which the tree is to be removed. The former can be ascertained if you are aware of various situations warranting removal while the later calls for hiring the services of a certified team of arborists in Melbourne such as Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery.

Factors that Stimulate Tree Removal

The following are some of the indications which help you to identify the requirement of tree removal:

Aged and Diseased

The structural integrity of trees enables them to stand secured on the ground, with the roots holding them upright.  However, if a tree becomes old or gets attacked with a disease, it is prone to die and lose its hold on the ground. As a result, there is likelihood of its falling any time, thus damaging the surrounding structures, human beings or animals.

Overweighed Canopy

When dead branches in the canopy fall due to own overweight or with the additional weight of animals, snow or ice, the risk factor gets involved. Only professional climbers can climb up the tree, identify the affected portions and remove the same.

Cavities or Cracks on Trunks

When you find cracks or cavities on your trees, you may think of tree removal. However, you should consult a certified arborist who can advise you either to remove the tree or to adopt some remedial measures for the cracks and cavities.

Dead Branches

Large damaged or broken limbs at the top of the tree are potential risk to life and properties adjoining them. If more than 25% of the branches are damaged, chances of survival are remote and therefore removal is needed. Branches that are crossed or are rubbing with one another should be removed. Instead of attempting such jobs yourself, you should entrust the same to experts offering services in Tree Removal Melbourne.

Sprouting Shoots

When you find small branches coming out from the trunk, you may smell a rat. For stress caused due to injury while construction of buildings or over exposure to the sun for thinned forest, trees indicate decaying and call for removal.

Undesirable Species

There are many species of trees that have neither aesthetic nor commercial values and therefore need removal. These include poplars, silver maple, black locust, box elder, mimosa, catalpa, Siberian elm, willows, Bradford pear and more. The shallow roots of such trees may be invading upon other useful plant or the lawn of your garden.

Damaged Trunks

If 25% of the girth of the trunk has been damaged and any wound caused is not healing, it is indicative of internal decaying. If one third of inner portion is hollow, it brings a warning sign demanding removal. After consulting qualified professional on tree care in Melbourne, you should take steps for tree removal.

Damaged Roots

If the roots have been damaged by any excavation, the tree loses its sustainability and structural integrity. Such tree warrants immediate removal.

Abnormal Leaning

The whole structure of a tree should stand perpendicularly, in an upright position. If the leaning is more than 15%, it indicates broken or weakened roots and requires to be removed immediately with the consent of a certified arborist.

Intersecting Power line

Wet foliages of tree are good conductor of electricity. During rainy season, electricity may get short-circuited if touched to the leaves. Therefore, these are to be either thinned or interpolating branches must be removed to avoid any accident.

Hanging trees

Trees hanging over houses obstruct passage of air and light and are therefore required to be removed. Large trees, within a vicinity of 20 feet should be removed.

Damage by Storm

Trees damaged by storm are great threat to the safety and security of life properties and hence need to be removed immediately.

Landscape Renovation

Any major renovation of landscape would damage the existing trees and are therefore required to be removed.

When it comes to removal of trees for any of the above reasons, it is most prudent for you to avail the services of professionals. Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, located at Box Hill South, Victoria is your best destination for any solution related to removal of trees.

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