How Having a Great Garden Will Reduce Your Energy Bills

How Having a Great Garden Will Reduce Your Energy Bills

When it comes to winter, one of the most significant household concerns is the energy bill. Due to cold Melbourne weather and shorter days, heaters and lights are consistentElectric-Billly left on. In the summer, the opposite conditions mean an expensive energy bill can be avoided.

A common reaction to an electricity bill in the winter is to turn the heating off and resort to wearing layers. There are a number of other methods all year around that can reduce the figure on power bills that leaves taking on the elements to the animals.

What most households don’t know is the advantage of having a tall and healthy garden. It benefits the environment by avoiding harsh heating methods, plants more trees and drops the figure on the energy bill.

Studies show that having trees properly placed around a home diminishes the annual heating costs.

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The garden acts as a shield, reducing the wind hitting a house. In Melbourne especially, wild wind and rain can cause a house to dramatically decrease in temperature or cause damage. A garden that is arranged correctly will stop cold air from blowing into a house. It is essential to ensure that the garden is well-groomed and does not contain any hazardous trees that can conflict even more damage.

In the summer, the method of having a well-planned and groomed garden will work the same. Instead of reducing the wind, it will act as a shade for the home. Less heat streaming into the house means colder air and in result, smaller energy bills.

Another way to utilise a garden during winter is by cutting down trees. Being a short-term investment, it is quite opposite to the first method. For homes that have indoor fireplaces, having wood sourced from the garden is an easy alternative. Cutting down hazardous trees that are old, rotting or in a dangerous location is a job for the professionals. Companies like Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery will remove hazardous trees and cut it into kindle sized pieces for a home. It is a method that makes a garden safer and home warmer.

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Lastly, a method that may not reduce an energy bill but increase a household’s value. Having a good first impression applies to both people and houses. For houses, when someone is looking to rent or live in, most people’s first impression of a home will determine the result of a sale. Studies show that having well-maintained trees and shrubs can increase the value of a house by up to 14% proving the importance of a well-kept garden. Here at Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, we specialise in landscape maintenance and have a range of tree pruning services to keep your garden looking good all winter long.

Being able to save money on bills during the seasons has become an important priority as rates continue to increase. Having simple methods that reduce the costs and benefits more the one aspect in life crucial to this day and age. These methods will prove helpful in any season of the year.