The Importance of a Fully Qualified Arborist

Do you know how important it can be to employ the services of a fully qualified arborist? At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery Pty Ltd, we insist on all our team being fully qualified arborists for two reasons.

1.The first reason is clearly illustrated in a Western Australian news article from last year. A resident had complained to the council about an active beehive in an old tree near their property beside a road. The complaint was then forwarded to the company responsible for the road who sought out the advice of an arborist. The Arborist then submitted a report detailing the tree be cut down, and three days later the ancient tree was cut down. Unfortunately, it later came to light that the arborist was not fully qualified and the advice he offered did not align with recommendations from other properly qualified tree arborists. Not only was a tree cut down needlessly, estimated at around 500 years old, but it will also take many younger trees to replace the loss of such an old tree.

This is an example of why it is important to hire an experienced and fully qualified arborist. You would not hire a builder who has not completed their certification, so why would you hire an unqualified arborist who can have just as much impact on your property? Trees incorrectly felled or trimmed can cause significant problems for building structures and even passers-by in the future.

2. The second reason, we insist on qualified arborists is to ensure a standard of both safety and tree services. Qualified arborists understand the intricacies of tree services, and the safety processes required when they are operating above the ground. Pruning or caring for any tree can be dangerous work and even more so when operating a chainsaw above the ground at significant heights. Many of the services you require an arborist for, are ones that can have a significant impact on your property, safety and even general enjoyment of your yard, so it is important that you ensure you only hire professionals.

Hazardous tree assessments are one of the most intricate tasks for arborists. A healthy tree can change into a hazard without warning for the inexperienced and requires trained experience to assess and deliver reports accurately. We deliver some of the most comprehensive reports, fully evaluating the tree’s impact on nearby structures, people and its overall risk factor.

Tree services are not something to leave to an inexperienced or unqualified arborist. At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery Pty Ltd, we handle all tree situations with state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled professionals. As leading ‘tree surgeons’ we can even offer advice on a range of other tree care problems. Contact us today to experience for yourself the difference of a qualified professional, and the skills that have made us one of the leading arborist businesses in Melbourne.

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