The Importance of Tree Stump Removal

You may have never considered the consequences of decaying tree stumps. If you’ve removed a tree or are considering the procedure, it’s integral you also remove the stump. Doing so not only ensures your safety but will safeguard the remainder of your garden too.

While it may be easy to forget when removing a tree, leaving a stump behind can have detrimental side effects for you and your garden. If you decide to part ways with a tree because it’s become obvious that its health is deteriorating or it’s been damaged following harsh weather conditions, you also need to decide on the future of the stump.

From a practical perspective, allowing a stump to remain in your garden can pose a design dilemma. A protruding stump is quite unsightly and may compromise the design of the rest of your garden. Additionally as grass and weeds grow around the stump, it may be obscured from view. This poses a serious trip hazard that could endanger the safety of children and adults alike. It’s no stretch to say that the value of your property could be diminished by a unremoved tree stump.

Decaying stumps are a breeding ground for termites, ants, beetles and fungus all of which can be harmful to the health of you and your family. Once these bugs infect your stump it can be difficult to eradicate them completely and you run the risk of having them infiltrate your home itself. Another possibility is the tree growing back from the stump. Through photosynthesis, energy that is stored in the roots is able to produce a multi-trunked tree that creates an even bigger hazard. In this situation permanent removal becomes a challenge and can be costly.

Once a tree stump is removed, the options are endless. It really presents an opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh your garden space with new plants that can completely change the appearance of your landscape. Tree removal is necessary when decay, structural decline or significant damage occurs as this can make the presence of a tree dangerous. Tree removals are especially important in Melbourne, as the unpredictable weather patterns can cause falling trees. Removing any unsteady/unhealthy trees before winter is advised.

In order to assess and subsequently determine the best outcome for your tree, professional advice is essential. Choose a tree care service that offers comprehensive tree and stump removal. Here at Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery we have specially designed machines that convert the tree stump into mulch so that you can replant, re-turf or build over the tree’s original site. For expert advice on all things tree related, look no further than Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, our professionals will ensure your tree and stump removal is seamless and your landscape is ready for the replanting stage.

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