The Many Facets of Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Melbourne

There is a general belief that pruning and trimming of trees is primarily carried out to bring it to a desired shape. While this is partly true, this is just one facet of tree pruning and tree trimming in Melbourne. There are many other aspects to pruning trees which are equally, if not more important. Tree pruning and tree trimming should be approached with care by amateurs who are not trained in this field. Pruning more than 30% of the tree’s existing canopy contravenes Australian Standards and will result in structural deficiencies in the tree as it is weakened by a drastic reduction in energy due to the removal of large amounts of foliage.If you care for your trees and they require pruning, call on Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, the experts for tree services in Melbourne.

Tree pruning and tree trimming by professionals provides a variety of benefits to your trees. Tree pruning for health includes the removal of broken, diseased, or dead branches in order to prevent decay-producing fungi from penetrating and infecting other areas of your tree. The removal of live branches is occasionally necessary to allow increased exposure to sunlight and circulation of air within the canopy or to provide physical clearance to maintain distance from utility service wires, gutters or to reduce branches over hanging into neighbouring properties.

Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery offers professional tree services in Melbourne and have trained arborists in the team. If you need expert services for tree pruning or tree trimming in Melbourne, contact Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery. We have a team of qualified and trained arborists that is very conversant with every facet of tree services in Melbourne. We are ably guided by Daryl, our Managing Director, who has a Certificate in Horticulture, a Certificate of Tree Surgery and an Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture as well as being a member of the prestigious International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Give us a call if you require professional tree services in Melbourne.