Things should be taken into consideration in tree removal

Your yard is graced by a large tree, but sadly it is causing an interference with the power lines, and you have no other option, but to consider tree removal services. Chopping down the tree would be a good idea. Cutting it yourself or trying to remove the branches on your own can be hazardous, more than you know. It can cause more damage to the electric lines or even to your house! Professional services ensure complete peace of mind because they know what they’re doing.

However, before they can begin the tree removal certain considerations seem quite important. So, what are these considerations?

What are your area regulations?

Removal of trees is governed in most places by specific regulations. It doesn’t matter that the tree is growing on a private land. So first, you should take your time to understand these laws and need to abide by them for removal. With professional services, the task becomes easy because they can contact the authorities on your behalf or may be aware of the regulations themselves and will stick to it throughout.

Taking care of underground hazards

Tree removals along with its stump mean dealing with the issue of underground cables, which may sustain damage during the process. Beside the underground cables, you also need to consider the presence of sewer or gas lines.

Distance from your house

Instead of tree removal you may need to chop the tree, especially if it is quite close to your house. Leave it to the professionals to decide.

What about the neighbouring houses?

Your tree may overhang over your neighbour’s property and he or she may have a say in the project you want to undertake. Whether it is just a small part or a major portion, you should again consult the local regulations to understand the procedure. After this, seek the permission of your neighbour before going ahead finally.

Consider insurance factor

You can consult with your tree removal services to know whether the contractor has insurance against injury to the crew or property damage. Always hire a fully insured company because working with them means complete peace of mind.

Disposal of debris

Removal of the tree is a massive undertaking. It leaves behind debris as broken branches, wood, and leaves. How is the service that you hire will deal with this issue? You may need to hire an on-site shredder for the removal of debris. Will your removal service arrange the shredder?

What is removal cost?

How much money is your Removal Company charging for tree removals? It depends on the size of the tree. Naturally, heavier and bigger trees will cost more to remove than lighter and smaller ones. Also, when the degree of risk to your property is higher, the professional services will charge more than in cases where the tree is away from power lines, or existing structures.

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