Simple Tree Care Tips for Gardening like a Pro

While every garden is different, there are a few universal tree care concepts that apply to nearly every garden or landscape. Before spring rolls around and you start working on the garden, there are some basics to keep in mind. If you’re new to landscaping and gardening or just need a refresher, here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your experience.
Careful Planning

The first step to successful landscaping is to choose the right trees for your purposes. Research information about what care is required for species you are considering. Learn how large they grow, how much work they are to maintain and what month they shed their leaves and bloom. Other considerations are allergies, how long they take to grow and how far roots will spread.
The layout is also very important for successful landscaping and gardening. Placing trees in the places they will grow the best and that are safe for surrounding buildings and pavement is crucial, as is spacing plants far enough apart from each other.
Regular Pruning

Maintenance is vital to growing healthy trees and plants. Regular pruning keeps trees growing straight and in a controlled manner. Good tree care practices keep your garden neat and make sure it grows the way you envisioned.
Removing unnecessary branches also allows a tree to focus energy on growing up, so your plants will get larger quicker.
Control Pests

Pests are one of the biggest threats to gardens. This includes insects of all varieties. In Melbourne, elm leaf beetles are a particular concern. The red and yellow beetles have decimated Europe and America’s elms. Melbourne has to be extra careful to protect our population, which is said to now be the world’s largest.
Possums are another concern for gardens. While cute, they can destroy gardens by eating the leaves, flowers and fruits. Possum guards can help keep them off trees and branches. Regular pruning is also a good way to control the spread of pests from tree to tree, as branches that touch other trees’ branches provide an easy way for insects and animals to move from tree to tree.
Fertilising and Mulch

Soil isn’t always naturally rich, so fertilising is often necessary to aid in growth and give your garden the nutrients it needs to survive.
In addition to fertiliser, mulch is a great investment, as it preserves the soil’s moisture and keeps it cool. Properly laid mulch can also discourage weeds and make a garden look neat and professional. As the mulch decomposes, it will serve as a fertiliser and enrich the soil.
Consult an Arborist

If you want to kick your landscaping up to the next level, consulting a professional arborist is a great idea. Professional arborists can help you choose the right plants, care for them properly, control pests and give you tips on fertilising and mulching. Contact us at Daryl’s Tree Care on 03 9897 4418 for help with any of your gardening or landscaping needs.

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