Hire Professional Services for Tree Pruning in Eltham

There is a general perception that tree pruning in Eltham is only about giving it a desired shape and a pair of heavy shears or an axe will serve the purpose. Nothing can be further from the truth. Tree pruning should best be left in the hands of trained arborists as taking down large sections of leaves and branches randomly can make it structurally weak.

Apart from enhancing the visual appeal of a tree by trimming overgrown areas, crown thinning is another integral part of pruning. This is done tomainlyeliminate thick overhead canopies that restrict free circulation of air and sunlight. Another reason for tree pruning in Eltham is directly related to the health of a tree. Formation of conks and fungi indicates presence of rot inducing pathogen and hollows where the wood has disintegrated. The affected portion has to be pruned before the fungi can spread to other healthy parts.

Tree pruning is also necessary to do away with limbs that have grown to touch overhead utility wires or have spread out on to roads, thereby obstructing clear vision of motorists. In these cases, the safety angle is what is very crucial.

Residents of Eltham needing Professional Tree Pruning should contact Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery. Even though we are based in Box Hill South in Victoria our area of operation extends to Eltham and beyond. We have a team of trained and skilled arborists who have the required expertise and use specialised equipment to quickly and effectively carry out any tree care related activities. Daryl, our Managing Director is highly qualified having a Certificate in Horticulture, a Certificate of Tree Surgery as well as an Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture.

Give us a Call Now and get the best tree care services from the leaders in this field.

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