Tree removal in Lilydale – The Need to Hire Experts

It is important to understand that – tree removal anywhere in Australia, be it Melbourne or one of its suburbs such as Lilydaleis definitely not a DIY task. In fact, tree removal in Lilydale,or for that matter anywhere else, can turn out to be positively dangerous if not handled properly. Tree removal is a precise job where the side or area that the tree will fall has to be planned and managed in such a way that it does not damage property or cause injury to people nearby.Hence it is always prudent to call in professionals with expertise in this field.

Arborists can identify trees that need to be removed either for landscape beautification or to do away with hazardous trees. In the former case, trees may have to be removed when they grow too close together and have dense canopies which stop air and sunlight from filtering down to the ground. Crown pruning is often not an effective remedy for this. In the latter instance trees that have become old, decayed and diseased become structurally weak and can topple over in severe storms and should therefore be removed. Skilled arborists can sometimes try to stabilise such trees with cables and braces, but this may not always give the desired results.

If you are looking for experts in tree removal in Lilydale, get in touch with Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery. We are based in Box Hill South, Victoria but our area of operations includes outer suburbs such as Lilydale. Our team of arborists haveprofessional expertise in tree removal as well as tree trimming and pruning, tree surgery and transplanting and replanting. Our Managing Director, Daryl has Certifications in Arboriculture and Horticulture and over 25 years of experience in this field. We use specialised tools and equipment to enable us to complete any task quickly , safely and efficiently.

For further details call us at (03) 9897 4418.

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