What Should You Do When Your Tree Is Dying?

Trees are benefactors to all living beings in every aspect. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen thereby enabling us to breathe, reduce pollution, provide shades and protect us from cold besides aiding in bringing rain. Therefore, your craving to have a healthy and green garden is but obvious. But what when your much loved tree is in the dying stage? Australia based Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, a team of impeccable Tree Surgeons Melbourne, know exactly how to give a new life to your beloved tree!


Despite being a beautiful creation of nature, trees too, are vulnerable to ill health that may lead to death. Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery owns highly expert Tree Surgeons Melbourne to offer best remedial measures for such situations. Thorough diagnosis conducted by our team encompasses some of the following:

A leaf-less tree may be diagnosed as sick except in a situation where it is shedding leaves during the autumn. Scanty foliage is also a symptom of tree sickness.

A state of dying can be confirmed if any portion of a tree’s branches is found to be drying up or become lifeless.  In that case, it loses its elasticity and cracks when pressure is applied.


  • Sometimes, heavy storm and inadequate pruning may make the tree to bend or lean more to one side. Such unnatural tendency is a clear sign for the tree soliciting immediate remedial measures.
  • Any wound on the tree due to injury makes opening for the bacteria and fungi to enter into it. They cause stress to the tree and consequently, a canker is formed that could be observed in the shape of dead bark on the tree.
  • Any deep crack or presence of pest on a tree can be diagnosed as weak health.
  • Lack of strong bondage of branch with the mother tree calls for remedial measures.
  • A growth of mushroom on the surface of the tree indicates soft decaying trunk or branches.


When it comes to protecting your trees, Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery believes in the ‘Prevention is always better than cure’ theory. Our tree surgeons Melbourne have laid down certain ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for keeping your trees healthy and for preventing the causes of ill health.

  • Do not injure your tree while carrying out any work in the garden or yard. Injury leads to infection and consequent illness.
  • Do allow open space around for breathing and assimilation if there is mulch around it.
  • Do not run the lawn mower near the exposed roots of trees. The sharp blade of the mower may cause severe injury to the roots.
  • Do not sprinkle weed fertilizer close to the trees.
  • Do adopt different methods of pruning to different trees as prescribed.
  • Do cut away the infected portion of the tree.
  • Do sterilize knives and blades used for cutting away sections of the tree by using bleach or by heating.
  • Do water the diseased trees and add nutrients. Natural fertilizer keeps your trees healthy.
  • Do avoid water logging at the root and put water when the soil around is dry.

Tree Diseases & Cure

Here is a list of some common tree disease and their cure prescribed by our tree surgeons Melbourne:

Dutch Elm

This diseasehas the symptom of wilting and gradual yellowing of branches, starting from the crown and spreading towards the base making the branches dry up. This can be cured by cutting down the infected portions. You may also administer some therapeutic fungicidal injections.

American Chestnut Blight

This is a disease caused by a pathogen that leads to orange-colored spots on the branches and tree trunk. You may also observe sunken canker and colored spores exuding from the affected areas. This can be cured by soil compression method that can be taken up by professionals only.

Fire Blight

This is a kind of disease that attacks the fruit-bearing trees such as apple, raspberry, crabapple, pear etc. The infection from a pathogen makes the tree look blackened and shrunken. It can be cured by spraying anti-biotic or by cutting off the affected areas.

Powdery Mildew

This diseaseis caused by fungi and can be marked by the appearance of a white powdery layer on foliage and fruit. The white mark may subsequently become grey and black. Application of fungicides cures the disease.

To save your tree from all diseases and to rejuvenate it, availing the services of a well-versed and experienced professional in the art and science stream of ‘tree care’ is imperative. Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery claims to be your trees’ best friend.Daryl is a certified Arborist and owns professional skill and knowledge to deal with the needs of trees. He can be contacted for services such as Tree & Stump removal, Tree and Hedge Pruning, Possum Control, Elm Leaf Beetles Control and so on.

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