Why Autumn Tree Care is Important

Summer in Melbourne has been fruitful with long days and warm nights. Soon enough, nature will take its course and turn green leaves into brown, whilst bringing on a new sight to behold in the garden. Tree care is important to ensure that your trees can withstand the change in weather.
Your efforts in the garden are a labour of love, and that doesn’t mean it has to be hard just because the weather is getting cooler.

The transitional season of autumn is the perfect time to prepare your garden and trees for winter and beyond. Extreme summer temperatures can weaken trees, making them more susceptible to infestations. Helping your trees begin to recover from the hot conditions as they head into winter is important in protecting their long-term health.

It doesn’t have to be difficult! Technical knowledge applied to your garden and trees will be rewarded in warmer months. Some important things to consider are:

  • Tree Support – Use a sturdy pole or stake in the ground to support your trees. This will ensure that your tree’s roots don’t get damaged
  • Mulch ­­- Laying mulch over your soil is an easy and effective way to lock in any moisture underneath. It also helps to keep the weeds away!
  • Compost – An easy and affordable way to enrich your soil is to make your own compost. You can use things such as fresh grass clippings, egg shells, fruit, vegetables and tea bags. Alternatively, you can purchase it straight from the store.

New Season, New Life

There are many plants that embrace the cooler weather. Fruit and vegetables take a liking to the colder temperatures and because of this, it would be a good idea to plant accordingly. Another great idea would be to plant new trees and shrubs. Planting trees and shrubs in the early Autumn gives plants a head start at establishing roots in the season’s cool, moist soil.

Melbourne autumn begins on 1st March and getting an early start now can save a last minute rush, enabling you to prepare your garden gradually. Make a plan now, create a checklist and allow guidance from the professionals.

A change in weather doesn’t mean you have to neglect your garden or stop enjoying it! With the right care, you will be able to continue gardening all year round to make the most of every season.

The experts at Daryl’s Tree Care can help you transition through the seasons. We are happy to give tree care advice and offer consultations and evaluations of potentially hazardous or unhealthy trees.

We can also help you to choose and supply mature trees and shrubs as well as plant them in your garden.

Contact us on 03 9897 4418 to arrange a free consultation, get some advice or a free quote.

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