Why You Should Prune Your Trees

One of the most important aspects of tree care is pruning. Everyone has seen bonsai and been fascinated by the ridiculously tiny miniatures. Chances are you have seen someone carefully clipping the branches to get the desired size and shape.
Pruning is just as important for normal size trees as it is for bonsai. While thankfully your average tree doesn’t require the same level of vigilant maintenance as its smaller cousins, some strategizing is required to keep trees in an urban or suburban area healthy and safe.
Aid Growth

When performed by a tree care professional, pruning encourages the root system to grow stronger and new growth to occur.
A tree sometimes grows asymmetrically and requires the removal of limbs to grow correctly and remain stable and healthy. When top-heavy or leaning to one side, a tree is hazardous to surrounding vegetation, life and property in the area.
Young trees often have multiple large trunks and branches without a clear leader. Using carefully planned reduction cuts, a plant will focus all nutrients and energy into growing upwards. In forests, real estate is more crowded and trees are forced to grow up more than out. Expert pruning will help young plants grow in a shape more naturally seen in forests.
Prevent disease

Limbs that are diseased or damaged can harm the tree’s overall health if not removed promptly and neatly by a trained arborist. A disease needs to be contained, and removing the affected portion  will stop the spread and save the tree. A trained arborist will be able to determine which portion to remove and do so effectively and safely.

Overhanging branches and unbalanced, overgrown trees are dangerous to people, trees and property nearby. Structural damage to buildings can be severe.
A branch doesn’t have to be unstable to be dangerous. Nuts falling from overhead branches can even be hazardous when falling from high enough, and regularly cause damage to vehicles and roofs of houses.
Simply removing a portion is also a great alternative to complete removal. Sometimes removal isn’t necessary and pruning can save the tree by only removing the dangerous portion. This is good for the environment, the neighbourhood and residents.

Beautiful, tidy landscaping can make a city more attractive to tourists and residents, and improve an area’s look and feel. The property value will go up and the local economy may benefit from increased tourism and population growth.
Tree care is also vital to wildlife in suburban areas. Safely cultivated green areas support animals and make a neighbourhood more vibrant and alive.
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